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Rama Muhanna — Founder & CEO.


Rama Muhanna, a person with a passion for creativity that led her to establish Rama Jobs platform in 2018, a vast platform with the basis for a brighter future, and the continuous effort to achieve the desired goals.

Who's Rama?!

Rama, a Jordanian journalist, and a UAE resident. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Mass Communication – Radio and TV, and she has worked in several organizations as a Radio & Television journalist, in addition to her professional experience in Voice-over

Helping others is the way we help ourselves, therefore, Rama keeps publishing various job opportunities that suit every job seeker in every field.

Our promise

Submitting your application in Rama Jobs is your first step towards delivering your CV efficiently to plenty of large companies, employers, and business owners! 

Our mission

At Rama Jobs, we believe there is a better, and easier way to find a job. Our mission is gathering vacancies from all around the world, besides offering discounts, and exclusive interesting deals from the major companies, all in one platform. 

They Found there jobs though us!

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